Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Anyone Can Learn

After scandalous delays, I recently took the Pennsylvania driving test. Alas, I failed. (Parallel parking.) Perhaps I should consult a learner’s manual.

When I learned to drive in England, over a decade ago, I had the advantage of a book employed by my parents before me, circa 1965. It was memorable for two things. First, the blurb that adorned the back cover, in enormous font:
Driving made easy.
Anyone can learn.
Even the wife!
Second, for its holistic approach to driving well, which it conceived not as an isolated skill, but as an aspect of eupraxia. Hence this remark, from the section on driving mishaps:

One accident to avoid at all costs is the head-on collision. It is sometimes possible to avoid such a collision by veering on to the pavement. But if this would endanger the lives of pedestrians, you may prefer to choose an honourable death.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sympathize. I took so long to pass my test that my parents threatened to enroll me in Driver's University.

5:13 PM  

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